What sets us apart


Notaries Plus, LLC 's founders Cindy and Phil Michel have a long history of service to the community.

Phil, a US Navy Veteran, has been active both professionally and in a volunteer capacity in the areas of law enforcement, emergency medical services, and training those who work with the disabled. This commitment has spanned over the course of the last 50+ years  

Cindy, Phil's daughter , has followed in her father's footsteps and has performed both professional and volunteer work with veterans and other disabled organizations .She is experienced in American Sign Language and has worked with the deaf community . As a former banker, the stories she has heard and the empathy she has shown her clients has made them come back to her year after year. 

In 2018 , after a long discussion, they decided to put their expertise and great relationship to the test and decided to pool their resources so they could provide a service that is not readily available in the Gainesville area. 

They know it's not always easy to get somewhere so that's the reason for their motto "If you can't come to us, we'll come to you!"